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RIMM Rubber Injection Moulding Machines

The three main characteristics of our machines are robust construction, best operating reliability and highest disposability.
Ongoing research and development of our products guarantees state-of-the-art technology at a fair price.

research and development Not only intensive research and continuous refinements but also the latest technology and highest quality allow an ideal cost-performance ratio.


The politics of innovation of RIMM - Mayerhofer and the perfect mastery of our technology, combined with a thorough knowledge of the profession of rubber processors and their needs as well as perfect knowledge of the market, allows RIMM to be able to respond to changing markets and also to be one step ahead.

These RIMM machines are preparer for the rubber processing industry, in terms of economics and quality of the product produced.

The requirements of energy savings and noise reduction have intensified in the last years. RIMM has early recognized these changing requirements and is delivering the equipment optionally with rotational speed pump drive systems

Based on years of experience in this segment an optimal drive system has been developed to enable a significant reduction of the life cycle costs of the machines. As soon as the hydraulic system requires more power the frequency converter changes the rotational speed as needed.

Therefore a reduction of energy loss, hydraulic dissipation loss which is lead into the oil as well as noise emission can be effected. As soon as the hydraulic system requires more power thefrequency converter changes the rotational speed as needed.

Thereby a reduction of the energy consumption up to 70 % can be achieved. The savings are also calculated and displayed on the screen.